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ConquerMyThs Drob rate 10-15CPs random Hard Game Old Verison Eveint rate 1000-1500CPs random last level 140 Faxid Game Latest features such as WindWalker class, Cross Server CTF,Poker,PK, etc Join Now and receive free starter pack

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Rules Owner

  • Mange
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    Some Rules Game...

    1. Do not give your account to anyone
    2 - Keep your account because it is permanent
    3 - We are not responsible in case it was stolen by any partner to you
    4. Do not use any cheat programs you will ever imprison…

Gaming news

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    [Owner-Game] Welcome To All Server

    Server is now more popular than any other server The attack and defense of the characters was modified All the errors that were found have been modified Everything became like conquer online We hope you will join us now for pleasure…

  • Owner Welcome For All

    Server Team Welcomes all new players We wish them a pleasant time If there is any problem or query from Fadel enter the page to communicate and tell us ...

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Server Informations

    Server Status : ON

    Online Player : 0

    Server Accounts : 3

    Server Drop CP : 10

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